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Archive for February 2018

CBD Sunday

Discover what CBD oil is, how CBD oil benefits your body’s endocannabinioid system, and why it is so effective for helping people with their chronic health issues. arthritis, diabetes, crohns, gout, pain, add, adhd, autism, fibromyalgia, to name a few health issues that can be helped with CBD oil.

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Wasted money and soldiers in the Canadian Military

military, marijuana, glasses, canada

Mix in some Canadian Military money, some moronic politicians, and the upcoming marijuana legalization in Canada… and we get this. Perhaps this is one of the stupidest stories I’ve heard so far in 2018! Take $150,000 of tax payer dollars, add in some idiots in politics, and we get the Green glasses to help the…

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Girl Guide Samurai Cookie Selling

Marijuana and motivation usually isn’t mainstream news… but this Girl Guide Success Story is. I love a good story about initiative and motivation.  Mix that in with some entrepreneurial foresight and we have ourselves a winner! 300 BOXES of cookies sold in just 6 hours by this little munchie machine! With the upcoming legalization of…

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Sprinting from the HYPE-train (real world ad results from unusual places)

Total gong show! After 16 years in the freelance copywriting business, I’ve about had it with the nonsense I see in many of the circles. Not to mention the hype-filled promises being made out there. From the magical info courses that cure hangovers, sales slowdowns, AND acne… all in one. To the crazy crypto promises…

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